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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Details of next workshop Jan 25th 2009


So there will be another workshop on January 25th (which is a sunday). It will be in a space in the mile end area.

More importantly here's what i am offering up. The main project is something like an optically (light) controlled synth. I tried to push it a bit further then the somewhat limited 555 synths that are all over the place. I put some videos up so you can see. Right now i have about 5 or 6 sounds programmed in but i am working on more now that everything is functioning well otherwise. So please take look at the vids. There is a dynamic sensor (volume) and a pitch sensor. The sensitivity of each probe is adjustable via 2 pots. Then there is a button which may be hard to see in the first video but it cycles through the different sounds. (dont worry you get a case, i just haven't put mine in one yet)

I will also offer a very simple project with few parts that is an extremely fuzzy distortion. I made a short clip of one i made, you cannot see the board in the video but there is only 10 or 12 parts on it. It would be a good project if you just want to get your feet wet.

The synth project is $50 and the fuzz is $40 for everything you need. If you would like to participate i need to receive confirmation asap and payment by January 16th at the latest. Im arranging a second date as well which will likely be feb 8th (exactly 2 weeks later) so that you dont have to rush to finish in one day.

In terms of tools i have some extra soldering irons and some other basic things so if you dont have much/any dont worry there will be something available, but please try to bring your own if you do have them.

Also, if you have come to a previous workshop but you are not finished/you are missing or have lost parts etc... please feel free to come to this and finish up but please let me know in advance what you need or where your at.

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