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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Using epoxy resin to coat pedals

Hey all,
I've been experementing with new ways to protect paintjobs, seeing how pedals get kicked around and generally brutalized. Acrylic laquer wasn't cutting it. enamel was a bit better but sometimes it's nice to find alternates to spraycans.

I found epoxy resin at Omer DeSerres, the art store around town. it's their own vitra-laque brand (and there are other brands too). it's pretty expensive. around $30 for the kit of two bottles (epoxy + hardener) but I bit the bullet and gave some a try. mixed up a small batch and oozed it on a boost I just built.

the result is really fantastic! it does take around 2 days to harden enough to call it done, but it feels far stronger than anything I've tried. it feels like glass to the touch and shines like it too, and feels like it can take a beating. anyways if you can afford it, I reccomend it. there's probably 6-8 pedals worth of epoxy in the vitra-laque kit.