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Friday, March 21, 2008

Led Wiring DIagram


A lot of people are reporting not getting an email i sent out on march 20. So if you did not get it please read all the recent updates on this site. The LED is here now and you can call me to arrange meeting up. I live near sherbrooke or st laurent metro and i am at concordia everyday in the week as well.

and so...

Here is some info on how you will wire the LED to get it red in one mode and green in the other.

You may or may not have already put 2 wires in the holes i have circled and labelled A and B. If you haven't you should do so now.

Wire A will go to the Middle pin on the LED.

Wire B will go to the middle pole on the unused side of your switch.

Now, the final touch is to connect each of the outer pins on the LED to each of the outer pins on the same side of the switch that wire B is connected to.

and thats all.

if you reverse left and right all that will change is which position of the switch is which color. it will work either way.

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