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Friday, April 4, 2008

The magical missing diode


the following information is in regards to the last diode which populates the added holes with no traces.

look at the picture

what a mess but it should help . look where it says "hexfuz" backwards. place the end of the diode with the stripe (cathode) into one of the holes with no trace and teh other end (anode) into the unpopulated hole that should be above the "z". if you can make out the semi retarded red diode in the picture it shows correct orientation.

NOW the last wire that you didnt connect on your stomp switch goes into the other hole with no trace (labeled MILB on the diagram). solder the anode (striped end) of the diode to the new wire under the board to simulate a trace. this is depicted in my diagram by a neon green "u" shaped blob.

congratulations thats the end of this procedure.

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